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In August 2021 David, our son Bo, and I (Elizabeth)
moved to what would soon become Little Creek Family
Farm. After purchasing 14 acres from my father - we
started dreaming! Quickly realizing that we wanted to
raise livestock for ourselves, the question popped into our
head "why not do this for others too?" thus - Little Creek
Family Farm was born in the fall of 2021. Having both
come from an agricultural background, we slightly knew
what we were getting ourselves into but life is always a
journey - and we are learning new things every day.
Whether you are just checking us out for the first time or
have purchased from us before, we are so glad you're here!

  - The Littletons


Chickens were one of our first additions to the farm. Our
tractors are moved daily to ensure that the birds always
have access to clean fresh grass as well as bugs to hunt.
They are supplemented with local hormone/antibiotic-
free feed. When harvest day comes, we load them with
stress free practices & they have a short trip to our local
usda inspected processor - giving you delicious,
sustainably raised and highly nutritious chicken!

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our flock is predominantly made up of herritage breeds
like wyandottes, australorpes, buff orpingtons along with
some easter eggers and other breeds. Our hens are moved
daily and supplemented with local spent brewers grain and
layer mash. We are working on expanding our flock as we
can't seem to keep up with the demand for these beautiful
and nutritious farm fresh eggs!

Free Range Pork

As a farrow to finish opperation. we pride ourselves in the
fact that all our pigs live out on grass or in the woods from
the day they're born till the day they leave our farm.
Allowing our pigs to root through the soil has done
amazing things for our woods and grasslands as well as
providing our pigs with ample opportunity to hunt for
acorns, grubs, bugs and any other tasty morsels they can
find. They are supplemented with local
antibiotic/hormone free feed as well as local brewers grain.

Grass Finished Lamb

Our newest addition to the farm! We are excited to have a
small amount of lamb for purchase this fall, and will have
more to offer next year! We have 9 Dorper / St. Croix ewes
as well as a ram and look forward to lambs in the spring.
Our sheep are rotated routinely to new pastures and only
supplemented with Redmonds mineral.

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