Are You Certified Organic?

We are not certified organic, however most people call being sustainable and using regenerative practices beyond organic! Due to
the fact that our animals are rotated frequently and always have direct access to fresh air and sunlight greatly decreases their chance
of getting sick and for this reason we don't proactively use antibiotics and never use hormones.

Where Can We Find You?

We always allow on farm pick-up and are happy to do local deliveries as well. Head to our online store for delivery details for
Hopkinsville, KY Clarksville, TN or message us about surrounding areas. Our local market season just ended - however we are in
the works of joining a winter market so stay tuned for that!

What Breed Are Your Pigs?

We predominantly use Duroc and Berkshire bloodlines however some of our breeding stock are crossed with other breeds such as
Hampshire and Spotted Polland China. We breed for red & marbled meat, and while breed definitely has an impact on this, feed
and the ability to forage in woods and pastures greatly affects meat quality just as much.

Do You Sell In Bulk?
We do! We would love to help you stock your freezer with a whole or half pig. Please use the contact form below and we look forward to hearing from you.

Do You Sell Roaster Pigs?
Along with selling retail and bulk pork, we also have roaster pigs available. As a new farm we are still gauging the demand for our meats as we continue to grow but if you are looking for a roaster - we hope to be able to help you out.

Still have questions?